5 Tonne Forklift Hire – All the Way from Statewide Forklifts & Access Rentals

Are you looking for a brand-new forklift up for sale? If so, then we at Statewide Forklifts & Access Rentals have the best options in store for you. We are ready to present you with 5 tonne forklift hire and are also up for sale. So, no need to invest a lot of money on these forklifts ever again. You can join us for the best engine counterbalance sales out there. We have categorised our items under multiple heads. So, you get to choose whichever option you want from our side. Some of the items we have in store for you are listed below:

  1. Heli 1.8t to 10T IC
  2. Heli 2.5t to 3.5t Rough Terrain forklift
  3. Heli 1.8t to 5T Lithium Electric
  4. Heli 5-ton LPG – Diesel Forklift

Make it a point to go through all the possible options we have, check out their features and then finalise on the one that matches your needs the most.

Be sure to learn about our 5-tonne forklift hire first:

After checking out all the options we have, you have finally decided to get hold of 5 tonne forklift hire from our side. However, if you want to enquire about the product online, we welcome you to come and join us right now. But, before renting our 5-tonne forklift, we would love to share some of its features with you. Our Heli 5 tonne Forklift comes with some amazing features to address.

Here, it will run on Petrol or LPG or Diesel

Furthermore, you have options for Hyd Fork Positioners or just side-shift with the help of this forklift

Get hold of auto transmission and 3-stage container mast as some of the extra features of our 5 tonne forklifts up for rent.

If that was not enough, our forklifts come with puncture proof tyres. So, you can run them on rough terrain without any fear.

You will have around 3920mm of lift height with the item. Then you have 1070mm tyres with the items too.

Our forklifts are up for hire now. So, without wasting any time further, log online and get yourself the premium quality forklifts today. You don’t have to pay much for our items as we are covering the hiring process within set and reasonable rates.

Choose us anytime for 5 tonne forklift hire:

Even though the market houses multiple options when it comes to 5 tonne forklift hire services, there are some proven reasons to give us the primary shot over here. As we are associated with forklift business for a long time, you can always expect to get the best machines from our side. Moreover, we are not just renting you a forklift for covering your project but will provide you with information on used forklifts up for sale.

To top it all, if you need to repair or service your forklift, we are always there for it as well. So, next time you need any kind of help with your forklift, come to us.