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On this page you’ll find some of the most common questions we find people ask us about bathroom renovating and what to expect.

Should I buy it or hire it?

If you’re human, and there’s every chance you are, your heart will say buy while your head will say hire. Both can be right as each piece of equipment has to be judged on a case by case basis, the parameters varying for each. Here then is the case of Buying versus Hiring.

The case for buying

For one it’s that old status thing; the prestige. If you own it, it’s yours and you can say it’s yours. Whether for home or business, possessions are possessions and a good many of us covet them.

However, the key to good buying decisions is to take emotion right out of the equation. Make it about the maths and consider this as your first deduction: tax. Buy outright and you can write off all or most of the purchase price as a tax deduction.

Hire and your tax write-off will be considerably lower, though you will pay less upfront. Buy and you have total control. It’s yours forever. No need to return it and then get in the queue to get it back.

The case against buying

Yes, you own it and yes, you get to keep it forever. But how much fun is that going to be when newer models have rendered your prized possession the technological equivalent of a square wheel?

You’ve paid top dollar for something you can’t even give away let alone sell to an eccentric collector on eBay. So weigh it up. Is the equipment in question subject to monumental shifts and advancements? Is it guilty of wilful depreciation on a grand scale? And will it torment you with ongoing maintenance and repair costs you could have avoided or minimised if you hadn’t effectively married yourself to it?

The case for hiring

At the current technological rate of knots, purchased equipment, and particularly computers, is out of date the moment you remove it from its packaging. A leased computer can usually be upgraded within the terms of your contract, not a bad thing if you need to be at the cutting edge to stay competitive. If you’re short of cash or just loathe to throw much money into equipment, you’ll pay a lot less upfront by hiring.

The case against hiring

Beware that low outlay icing, as it may ultimately be beautifying a very expensive cake. Sure, you’re only paying for one small slice at a time, not the whole thing, but if you keep it long enough, you may end up paying for two cakes, or even three without owning any of them.

Another big consideration is availability. Will that equipment be there precisely when you need it? And what if it’s not? If it’s a generator and your entire operation is in darkness, that can be more than just annoying, it can be catastrophic. Finally, hired equipment will generally be a major disappointment come tax time as only a small percentage of your outlay can be recouped.

What is the rate for forklift hire?

We are focused on achieving an individual solution for your material handling needs. Because of this, the hire cost will differ for each business. This depends on the length of the agreement, the type of forklift and your location.

We offer petrol, diesel and gas forklifts, electric forklifts and battery forklifts to meet the needs of any business. Speak with our staff members to see the best solution for your business.

New forklift vs used forklift

It depends on the usage of the forklift in your business. If you are using forklift for less than 4hrs a day then you can buy a used forklift. But if you are going to use it more than that then it is advisable to go for a new one. As if you are using a forklift for more than 4hrs then forklift is the important machine used in your industry.

If you are using forklift for more than 4hrs then you should go for new as the maintenance will be less in a way it will save you money.

What to look for when purchasing a forklift?

Before you start you need to determine what exactly what you want the forklift to do. You should answer some of the questions before moving forward.

What is the weight of the load?
What is the size of the weight?
To what height the load is to be lifted?
What room will the forklift get too move around?
Will it be used inside or outside?

Do you offer fleet management?

We have our own fleet management department to assist with material handling technical support. Staffed by a team of highly dedicated people, our fleet management service provides an on-going consultancy that evaluates the customer’s material handling needs and recommends a cost-efficient solution.

How long have you been in business?

SWF was first established in 1999, and continues to deliver the same quality service today. With more than 16 years of experience in the industry, we can provide advice on the most suitable forklift for your material handling requirements.

How often should I service my forklift?

Will this depends on your company’s usage & environment that the forklift it work’s in. Most companies go off monthly services & some go off hours of usage to maintain their units. A lot of Manufactures are now recommending every 500hrs service intervals (for new units) but a lot of the older units are every 250hrs.