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Heli 14-18T IC

Heli Large Forklifts


HELI adopts Cummins 6.7 diesel engine which conforms to the requirements of EU stage III, U.S EPA tier 3.

HELI adopts ZF Transmission system which can be diagnosed easily with the diagnostic machine interface.

HELI adopts Kessler Front Axle which has wet type brake and inlaid brake.

HELI adopts Rexroth Main Hydraulic system which can save the energy and reduce the oil temperature.

Rexroth Main Hydraulic system. Using hydraulic oil pressure feedback various pump system to realize the continuous oil supplying and reduce the overflow losses and increase the efficiency to save the energy and reduce the oil temperature.

The minimal under clearance is large, and the overall height (at mast) is low, and the view through the mast is wide.


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