Heli 42-46T IC

Heli 42-46T IC

Heli 42-46T IC

Heli Large Forklifts

The vehicles are designed by professional design company which is famous in Europe, and the vehicles conform to the requirements of EN1459, DIN15018 and ISO WD 22915-12.

The latest VOLVO diesel (TAD952VE) engine which has advanced Engine Management System with CAN-BUS and conforms to the requirements of EU stage III is adopted. The turn off delay function can extend the engine’s service life.

Intake system with cyclone-type air filter and main filter based two filtration function, can ensure the precision components of the engine works properly. All the engine accessories including air filter and muffler adopt the Donaldson’s product (U.S.).

The latest TE27 electro-hydraulic control automatic gearbox of DANA company (U.S.) is adopted. Controlling with the CAN-BUS and adopts proportional valve technology, can reduce the impact when shifting and reversing , and improve the quality and reliability.

The drive seat in the drive cab adopts full suspension and vibration proof structure and can be adjusted in all directions. Each operation pedals’ and handles’ position are designed according to the principle of Ergonomics and  can greatly reduce the labour intensity. High-mounted cab provided excellent all-round visibility. Air conditioner is standard. And the sliding type bonnet facilitates the maintenance and repair.



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