Heli AC Electric Pantograph Double Deep Reach Forklift Sales

Heli AC Electric Pantograph Double Deep Reach Forklift Sales

Heli AC Electric Pantograph Double Deep Reach Forklift Sales

Heli Double Deep Reach Forklift


(1)Side battery as option, easy replacement

(2)Intelligent integration control handle, the operation is convenient and comfortable

(3)Proportional hydraulic control, working more stable, more precise

(4)Electronic power steering offering easy , flexible,  high efficient and mute operation

(5)Automatic  centering  function


(1)Automatic deceleration  on curved road, more intelligent and safe.

(2)Standard configuration of warning light and  drive OPS system improve whole truck’s safely

(3)Magnetic brake on driving axle,the truck can automatic parking in slope or flat

(4)Five independent braking systems

(5)Current regenerating brake when releasing acceleration handle shank

(6)Emergency brake activated by releasing foot switch

(6)Parking brake activated by pressing button on the panel

(7)Automatic activated Parking brake

(8)Emergency switch

Working efficiency

(1)Small turning radius makes steering flexible and easy

(2)Smaller load wheel, can be directly into the bottom of the shelf.

(3)The truck has fast driving and lifting speed, higher working efficiency.

(4)Three speed mode, high performance

(5)Larger battery capacity for longer single shift time

(6)Better loading capacity and stability at high position


(1)The door can be disassembled easily, contributes to quick and convenient maintenance.

(2)Outrigger with bolt type installation, convenient maintenance, cost saving

Wide view mast and device

(1)Has side shift, tilt, and fork reach funtions

(2)Newly designed wide-view mast and working device, enlarges operator’s view effectively when the forks backword and forword

(3)Lifting and dropping down with processing buffer and end buffer

(4)The forks backword with processing buffer and end buffer

 Overhead guard

(1)Large arc shape of the overhead guard and grid tray with proper angle increase operator’s upward view

(2)Connected with car body suspension, shock buffering falling loads

(3)Without  front legs, improving work view

Comfort cab

(1)Optimal step height , ensure the comfort and avoid the risk of pallet truck forks tip intrusion

(2)Padded waist and arm supports

(3)Cushioned floorboard for fatigue-reducing

(4)The driver’s body is fully protected whthin the truck contours


(1)High quality meter displaying clearly the important operating data

(2)Display of battery power and fault code

(3)Working mode selection

(4)Hour meter

(5)Labor hour display


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