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Nichiyu Multi Directional Reach Forklifts

Provides even beginners with complete freedom operation
-The font two wheels are automatically controlled according to drive model (Multi Mode 3WS)
-The Multi-Mode Control Box provides at-a-glance confirmation of wheel orientation and driving direction

Only the Multi combines high-efficiency operation with space-saving design
Multi-directional drive is provided through five driving modes. Each mode is instantly available at a touch.

-Right angel turn mode (Reverse phase mode)
-Sideways travel mode ( Dedicated sideward driving mode)
-Parallel travel mode ( Same phase mode)
Diagonal travel mode
-360 rotation mode

Capacity 1000 – 2500kg
The multi 360degrees directional traveling enables drastic reduction of cycle times.

(Specifications for each model are stated in the pdf file. Kindly check it for further information.)

Product specifications / brochures

Mutli Directional pdf
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