Nichiyu Forklift For Sales

Nichiyu Forklift For Sales

Nichiyu Forklift For Sales

Excellent standard features
-Reach trucks must meet three basic criteria : fast travel, high lift capability and compact design. The new FBRF series clearly excels at all three.

The Multifunctional Centralized Control System for AC Control
-SICOS-AC represents the ongoing evolution of the groundbreaking SICOS control system. It features a new type of controller tuned for full compatibility with AC systems and exhibits more powerful and more advanced capabilities. By integrating the travel, hydraulic, and electric power steering functions, the system’s advanced intelligence optimizes the operator’s interaction with the forklift.

Powerful acceleration for increased work efficiency
-Our unique SICOS-AC system provides optimal control of the FBRF-70’s powerful travel and hydraulic AC motors. The result is highly efficient driving, lifting and turning.

Excellent maneuverability for narrow spaces
-By completely redesigning the frame, we’ve reduced the minimum turning radius and right angle stacking aisle width. As a joint result with newly adopted 360°endless steering, we now lead the industry in space efficiency. At the same time, we’ve created a more spacious and comfortable operating compartment.

Smooth, powerful lifting
-We’ve re-designed chassis and increased mast rigidity to ensure excellent stability even during high lifts. The result is stable load handling at up to seven-meter heights without capacity reduction.*
The tiltable integral sideshifter, provided as standard equipment, improves the efficiency of high loading work.

Steer-by-wire with 360°endless steering makes switchback unnecessary. And our speed-sensitive electric power steering (EPS) is easier than ever.
What’s more, machine status information is put up on the multi-display mounted on steering panel for real-time.

The wheel indicator on the display instantly shows the direction of truck movement. The easy-to-read display shows :

-Traveling speed
-Battery discharge status
-Operating hours

Driving mode setting
-To accommodate site conditions and the operator’s experience level, the operator can set the maximum speed and acceleration feeling on the display.

Self-diagnosis function
-SICOS-AC diagnoses any malfunctions and displays the results with graphics.

Travel-speed-sensitive lift speed control
Automatic power-off
Operation interlock system (OIS)
Neutral safety feature
Battery forward pull-out system
Fully opening drive unit cover
Cold storage applications

(Specifications for each model are stated in the pdf file. Kindly check it for further information.)
FBRF Series models:

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