Stock Picker for Sale

Warehouses have different things stored in different places. Fulfilment of any orders involves picking the right product from the right stack in the warehouse and putting all the orders together. Mechanical equipment specifically designed for picking stocks based on individual orders is called a stock-picker. Using a stock picker in a warehouse provides an easy and convenient means to pick goods from the bottom rack or the top rack. A stock-picker is useful not only in modern warehouses but many industries; For example – It is equally useful in the automobile industry where you need to pick different products from various racks for assembling together.

Statewide forklifts are one of the most trusted suppliers of industrial stock-pickers for sale of various sizes and capacities at highly attractive prices and excellent after-sales support. We can supply stock pickers of different configurations as required by the end-users. Some stock pickers have a step-ladder to reach high places while others have the ability to lift trays. All you have to do is to let us know your requirement, let us know the height, the aisle width, the order picking method and we shall suggest a configuration best suited for your products. We have stock pickers for sale of most of the leading companies in Australia.

At Statewide forklifts, we ensure that all the stock pickers for sale are designed and manufactured to meet the strict norms in Australia to assure you high quality and safety. All the equipment is designed in a manner to keep the safety of the operator and his visibility. The versatile design of these stock pickers’ help you handle a variety of products and pick and move products faster to fulfil and order quickly. All our stock pickers offer high maneuverability so that you can efficiently Movenpick products in very narrow aisles thereby helping you manage materials efficiently even in limited space. Most of the stock pickers that we offer can be operated on electricity, thereby reducing the amount of noise during operations.

We give emphasis not only for selling our material movement equipment but also lay major importance to after-sales support. We ensure that we provide high-quality customer support and help you overcome any challenges including breakdowns in a time-bound manner so that your downtime is minimized.

If you are looking at buying stock pickers that offer stability, high performance, safety, longevity, you should definitely contact Statewide Forklifts. We shall help you choose a stock-picker that is just right for your operations and help improve material movement at your facility and ultimately efficiency.